ALU Construction: Completed Arithmetic Card Full Test

The ALU arithmetic card is now complete! The final card looks like this:
As I did for the ALU logic card before I've put the following YouTube video together which gives a walkthrough of the arithmetic card in operation ... and as before this one also has a narrative track delivered by my own fair gob.

So, that's two out of the three ALU cards done with just the control card left to do. Well, I say that ... after the ALU is completed there's all those registers let alone all the control and timing circuitry coming up ... I'll try not to think too much about the impending work for now.

The control card should prove a bit quicker to put together as there's less relays, wiring and soldering to contend with. Oo - and for my next post I'll share what I've been up to in SketchUp for the enclosure design.


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