Enclosure Update: Magic Pen

Just need to quickly share my experience with what I'm dubbing the 'magic pen' before I put up the B/C register schematics (yup, they're finally ready). If you've read my recent posts you'll know I ordered in some laser cut acrylic parts for my enclosure including one part which is engraved as well as cut for the switch panel. Close up it looks like this:
Generally I'm really pleased with this part but the engraved text looks scruffy and there's quite a lot of laser smudge marks around the text so I had a dig around the internet seeing if there's any 'post-processing' I can do to the part to clean it up a bit. I ended up settling on cleaning up the perspex with a special cleaning fluid (never clean acrylic with anything else) and then infilling the text.

The cleaning fluid I've gone for is the Meguiars PlastX sourced from Amazon and after trying on a piece of scrap acrylic to make sure it doesn't eat it I cleaned up the switch panel easily removing all the smudge marks. Next up I purchased (also from Amazon) the 'magic' pen ... a Pilot extra fine nib permanent white marker pen. After running the pen around the strokes of the text, making sure to get right in the corners, I ended up with the following:
... which looks a right mess and it seems that as soon as the paint in the pen (which is a very thin/watery liquid) finds an edge it runs away along the surface. Fortunately, after my prior research on the intent, I was fully expecting this to happen so all that's required is to keep calm, let the paint dry, and then dampen a lint free cloth with some more of the cleaning fluid and then carefully rub away the paint on the surface keeping the cloth as level as possible so not to rub into the text itself. With the cleaning (carefully) completed the part looks like this:
Which, I think, looks absolutely fantastic :) Here's a picture of the whole part showing all the infilled text:
Only problem now is I've got tons of cleaning fluid left and a pen mostly full of paint so I'm off now to find things around the house to draw on.


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