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Controller Construction: MOV-8, ALU and SETAB

So yea, it's been a while since my last post ... in fact it's been just over six months. For some reason I decided I didn't have enough to do in the evenings so had a crack at becoming an actuary. Needless to say I've been busy studying for my entry exams and so the computer took a back seat for a while. Exams are done for now though so the computer is back on and I'm back constructing to get the MOV8, ALU and SETAB instructions running.

Following on from the sequencer cards in my last post it's now the turn of the control cards. These take the sequenced pulses and operate the various control lines of the computer at the appropriate time to perform the active instruction. As with the sequencer the controller is spread over two cards so it can access the full set of busses needed and to make room for all the relays that'll eventually be squeezed in to operate the full range of instructions.

I'm going to skip the usual pictures of the cards being built up…