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Sequencing & Control Test

It's finally time to give all the cards created so far a test so I can check everything works together as expected. This represents quite a bit of a milestone as the computer can now perform a single ALU, SETAB or MOV-8 instruction. This means a user can technically run a program by entering and running each instruction in turn and although the computer is still a long way from completion with this latest round of functionality it's a lot more usable than before.

Viewed from the front the computer now looks like this:
I've put together a new video to mark this construction milestone which gives an overview of what's changed since the last milestone, a tour of the computer as it currently stands and finally a demonstration of running a program through the computer.
So, with a line drawn under what's been built so far it's time to look at what comes next. There's quite a few different ways to go from here but I'd like to concentrate on getting the compute…