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More Laser Cut Parts

I've nearly got the design for the memory cards done and ready to share but once that's out the way it'll be time to get on with some construction again. With that in mind I cracked out the credit cards and got buying more relays plus some other bits and bobs and whilst I was in a spending mood I decided it was high time to treat the computer to some more laser cut parts.

The two displays (A and B) in the upper enclosure have been looking a bit 'unfinished' and it was always my intention to get some laser cut panels made up eventually which would surround the switches and LEDs and give it a more 'polished' look. Additionally the panels would also carry an engraved legend to explain what each group of switches/LEDs represents in the displays. The process for making these is just the same as before when I got the laser cut panel for the primary switches.

As before I've chosen to get my laser cutting done through RazorLab who provide starter templates for …